Ayush Bairagi
As a Technology-agnostic Software Crafter, I develop full-stack applications operate them in production and help my team grow.

UNC Computer Science

India.png Research Assistant
Technical Team Lead
· Led the integration of LLM-based features into multiple products, boosting its natural language understanding capabilities.
· Integrated best-in-class Nest.js, Next.js Firebase, SQL, and blockchain technologies to enable users to set up their own NFT shop on the block chain, achieving 75K monthly unique web visitors.
· Led 10 research and development professionals in building & delivering 2 successful blockchain products: with over 25+ features each; resulted in an increase of 15% user engagement traditionally over the course of three months.
· •Developed and deployed ETL pipelines for smooth inflow of data using Airflow, Airbyte, Apache Spark and Kafka from multiple sources to be analyzed later.
March 2023 - Present
Senior Research and Development Engineer
Deqode Labs
· Oversaw a team of research and development engineers, providing technical guidance and mentoring to drive innovation in the blockchain, big data, and cloud computing domains.
· Conducted in-depth research on emerging blockchain technologies and platforms, such as Polkadot, Avalanche, and Solana, to identify and leverage new opportunities.
· Spearheaded the development of cross-chain solutions and interoperability protocols to enable seamless interaction between various blockchain ecosystems.
· Led the design and implementation of tokenomics models for DeFi projects, creating sustainable and secure economic systems for decentralized finance applications.
· Collaborated with external partners and industry leaders to advance the state of blockchain technology and foster the adoption of decentralized solutions.
· Managed the deployment and optimization of large-scale distributed data processing systems on cloud platforms, such as AWS and GCP, employing technologies like Apache Beam, Delta Lake, Snowflake, Apache Cassandra, and Google Bigtable to handle petabytes of data.
· Designed and implemented robust system architectures for optimal security, scalability, and performance, utilizing tools like Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, and Helm for infrastructure as code, configuration management, and container orchestration.
· Leveraged advanced monitoring and observability tools, such as Prometheus, Grafana, ELK Stack, and Datadog, to ensure system reliability and performance.
OCT 2022 - March 2023
Research and Development Engineer
Deqode Labs
· Configured and deployed Clickhouse database to store analytical data which improved the speed by 40% compared to an older system.
· Developed and deployed ETL pipelines for smooth inflow of data using Airflow, Airbyte, Apache Spark and Kafka from multiple sources to be analyzed later.
· Developed & Audited Ethereum smart contracts for multiple use cases.
· Designed and Developed architectures to support scalability in terms of Data size, Active users and system availability.
· Deployed and Configured Cold storage for blockchain data using hive, Hudi, Trino, Spark and S3.
· Set up Rancher Kubernetes Engine for running containerized workloads.
· Built in-house ETL tool supporting both streaming and batch workloads eliminating drawbacks from previously used tools.
· Modified open-source tools to fit product use cases.
Dec 2021 - OCT 2022
Founding Engineer
CubexO Software Solutions
· Worked on end to end development; Right from requirement analysis to Documentation, designing workflows, Development, debugging, implementation to deployment and post-production issues.
· Evaluated new tools, technologies and design patterns by creating POC’s to come up with trustable solutions for the clients which led to 60% more clients conversions.
· Hands-on experience in troubleshooting and debugging issues under high load in the production environment.
· Reviewed code written in multiple languages on GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket to catch critical issues and ensuring code quality and security measures before deployments.
· Communicate and collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, clients, and stakeholders daily.
· Mentored and led the team to develop high quality, maintainable, robust, scalable and user-facing solutions with the highest code coverage and standardization.
· Developed a centralized system to monitor health, logging and alerts about any breakdown for all the systems delivered and managed by the company, which led to more satisfied clients.
· Developed reusable, modular, extendable and easily maintainable frameworks and libraries to be used by internal teams to deliver solutions faster without reinventing the wheel with Python and JavaScript for Django, FastAPI and ReactJS.
· Migrated monolithic architecture to fault-tolerant microservice architecture using gRPC.
Oct 2018 - Dec 2021
Freelance Software Engineer
· Worked with clients across the globe, belonging to different continents and domains and delivered 85+ projects on Fiverr with a 4.9 Star rating.
· Communicated with clients to win their trust, understand their requirements and build solutions for them.
· Reverse Engineered Instagram to create a bot for social media marketing and helped creators to reach their audience. The creators gained up to 10x more engagement within a span of a few months.
· Used Beautifulsoup and requests library extensively to build databases of products from a wide array of websites.
Jan 2019 - Dec 2019
Django Rest Framework
Fast API
Elastic Search
Unit Testing
Design Patterns and Methodologies
Microservice Architecture
Hyperledger Fabric
Big Data
Apache Cassandra
Apache Druid
Cloud Platforms
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Infrastructure & Configuration Management
Monitoring & Observability
ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)